Recycled Air-Condition Water System

We Recycle Air-Condition Water For Filtered Drinking Water, Daily Ice Making, Indoor, and Outdoor Growing & It’s The Solution To The Water Shortage We Have In Our Country

California Wasting
200 million a day and

0   Billion

Gallons Wasted per year

FutureAC Water System is Changing the Way People Grow and Maintain their Growing, Landscaping and Drinking Water

Our patent-pending idea uses modern technology to help people see the possibilities for their growing and drinking water. We are changing the way people grow, maintain landscaping and supply their drinking water.

About US

Safe Recycled Air-Condition Water For A Sustainable United States

FutureAC  Water System uses modern technology to supply your Indoor or Outside Garden, Landscaping and Filtered Drinking Water. We don’t work smarter we think smarter.


Our Business

Clean Recycled Air-Condition
Water System

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Indoor-outdoor growing, landscaping and emergency drinking water.

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Indoor growing, landscaping and emergency drinking water.

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and 420 Mode Magazine

Future AC Recycles Water For Indoor Cultivation

What we offer

Lets Add Clean Recycled Air-Condition Water To The United States

Commercial AC Upgrade

Commercial AC upgrade for grow rooms, drinking water and outdoor landscaping.

Residential AC Upgrade

Residential AC upgrade for indoor growing, drinking water and outdoor landscaping.

Affiliated Referral Program

Be part of FutureAC by joining our affiliated referral program and make money with us.

Upgrade Business

Get a license and be Trained through us so your AC company can legally do the installation in your area to boost sales.

Water Shortage Problem Solved

Our water system is the solar power of clean water

Upgrade your home or business aquarium

Our water system can be hooked up to any reverse osmoses. Water from the AC is untreated chlorine free water that is useful for all fresh and saltwater Aquariums .

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Let’s Experience The Benefits Of Safe Recycled Air-Condition Water

Why Choose Us

10+ Years of Industry Experience.

Our founder patent the idea of using home or Commercial Air conditioning water as a renewable Water System,
which can supply your Indoor or Outside Garden, Landscaping, and Filtered Drinking Water.
Click on the link to meet him and know where this idea came from?

Our Project

The Better Source Of Recycled Air Condition Water For A Better Tomorrow

History of AC

in 1902 when Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioning he also invented an AWG atmospheric water generator

Water filter condenser pump water storage tanks companies

Partner with us so we can sell your product with our water system.



If you’re an Investor you see the potential of our company let us know what you like to offer.

Air Condition Service & Maintenance

We Service Home and Commercial units in Dade and Broward.

HVAC Repair In Broward, Dade & Palm Beach County

HVAC Services

Here in Miami Florida and all hot places in our country Air Condition is lord and savior when the AC breaks no one calls Jesus Christ, here in Miami we call Jesus, and when Jesus shows up we all bow the knee.
Unfortunately, no HVAC system lasts forever. Over time, wear and tear will take its toll and your system will require repair. Let our experts provide a long-lasting solution and restore your comfort!

What is the future of AC Water service?

Commercial and residential upgrades are just the beginning more 2024

We Don’t Work Smarter
We Think Smarter

The poor widow’s orphan program

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