In 1902, when Willis Carrier came out with the air
conditioner it was revolutionary, but he only had one problem: he didn’t know
what to do with the water, so it was set for waste. Little that he know that he
did two revolutionary things: he made air conditioning and he did what today is
called an atmosphere water generator, taking water out of air. And this is what
some inventors will call Zero Point Energy.


Like Solar Power?




Why Hasn’t a Person Never Considered Using AC Water for
Drinking Water?


Throughout the years, homeowners have not—and even myself—is
guilty of not maintaining our air conditioners, and we end up getting dirty
coils. And then when one looks at those coils one will never ever think that
this air conditioner water could be recycled, but education teaches us that if
we just go ahead and just maintain our monthly cycle of changing our filters we
will have clean coils, our air conditioner will last longer, and we can have
clean water


How Much Water Can a Home Air Condition Produce a Day?


A home air conditioner can give you about 5 to 25 gallons a
day of recycled clean water, and this water could be easily recycled through
filters for emergency drinking water and it can be easily hooked up to your
water dispensary or your refrigerator for clean water and ice.