We upgrade your home AC for clean emergency drinking water, indoor growing & personal outdoor gardening.

We convert your Home AC to an AWG atmospheric water generator making your home
more Eco-friendly

Residential AC Education:
A Home AC can make 5 to 25 gallons a day; unit depending on the Ton size,


We Want to license our Patent AC water System to All AC companies to communicate this new technology to their customers and spread the great benefits of AC water recycling.


We encourage all homeowners to contact their local HVAC company to get licensed.

Process we add to your AC

1. Coil cleaning for used units.
2. UV light to your air handler to avoid viruses, mold, and bacteria.
3. 2 AC condenser pumps and a pressure pump to transfer water
4. Water storage tank and water filter of customer choice
5. Test water before and after.

Pricing for residential

1000-2500SF Homes $1500.00 Per Ac Unit, plus parts and labor
2500-3500SF Homes $2500.00 for service plus parts and labor
3500-5000SF Homes $3500.00 for service plus parts and labor

Service Price per unit changes if the AC Air handler is in the attic.

Any home over 5000 SF will need a custom quote.

We charge by SF and how Manny units

We Charge Per Ac Unit


Residential $1000.00
Personal Garden Irrigation System, Cleaning & More. Plus, parts and labor.


Residential $1500.00
Filter Water Drinking & Ice Making Plus parts and labor


The service charge Price increases by $150.00 if the AC Air handler is in the attic.

Future AC Prices VS AWG Atmospheric Water Generator prices.


Home AWG makes 12 gallons a day depending on rated conditions of 85°F (30°C) and 80% Relative Humidity. costs $3,500.00 Future AC cost $2,500.00


Save $1,000.00 & electricity, produce more water, and have more water benefits.

Common question?

What if you are out of state and you want to get the installation done and you want your ac person, or the local AC company to do the installation?

Provide us with your contact info AC company contact info. We will contact you to see if your home qualifies for the installation and we will make contact with the AC company we will do screening on them (We only Partner with high-quality trusted licensed Air Condition companies to do our installs) get them licensed and train them on the install.

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Let’s Experience The Benefits Of Safe Recycled Air-Condition Water