History Of Air Condition

This Water System Is The Solar Power Of Water And Another Example Of What Inventors Called Zero-Point Energy.

Willis Haviland Carrier was an American engineer, best known for inventing modern air conditioning.  in 1902 but he also invented what we call today an atmospheric water generator taking the humidity out of the air and turning it into fresh water, this is an example of what inventors called zero-point energy. Future AC water system is using old technology to put modem day people into future freshwater drinking and indoor growing

Convent your Home and Commercial AC to an atmospheric water generator for fresh clean water.

What’s the difference between an AWG Atmospheric Water Generator and your Home or Commercial Air Conditioner unit?

Answer: Nothing both are refrigerant bases, both have the same parts and make water the same way, but an atmospheric water generator is portable.

Home and Commercial AC makes more water and the customer can control the amount of water with water tanks and water filters companies they trust.

Our water system is the solar power of water and another example of what inventors called zero-point energy.