Cost Effective Commercial  AC Water Filtration Service 

  • We install All Top-Quality Home Filtration Systems While Maximizing Water Efficiency By Collecting Water From Your Air Conditioning Units, Ensuring Optimal Water Conservation.

  • Get Monthly Cash Back Savings For City Water Commercial
  • AC Education: A Commerical  AC can make 100  to 200 gallons a day; unit depending on the Ton size,
  • Imagine saving 100 to 200 gallons of water every day and seeing the impact on your water bill and your wallet.

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The Process We Add To Your A/C

1. Coil cleaning for used units
2. UV light to your air handler to avoid viruses, mold, and bacteria.
3. 2 AC condenser pumps and pressure pump to transfer water
4. Water storage tank and water filter of customer choice
5. Test the water before and after.

  • We Offer Three Primary Services 

            Along With An Exciting Bonus

  • Top Brand Filtration with AC Water Recycling: Besides top-brand filtration, we offer the integration of AC Water Recycling systems, allowing you to benefit from both advanced filtrations, Receive exclusive A/C Water Bill deduction and get cash-back water bill savings.

  • Existing water system: Our AC Water System can be easily integrated as a plug-and-play solution if you already have an existing water system. Allowing you to benefit from new advanced filtration, Receive exclusive A/C Water Bill deduction and get cash-back water bill savings.

  • Top Brand Filtration: We provide Home filtration systems featuring all the top brands in the industry, ensuring the highest quality filtration for your specific needs.

                                       Exciting Bonus: Rainwater Collection Opportunity

  • Once the AC Water System is installed, customers also have the opportunity to collect rainwater, further reducing their water bills and increasing their overall water sustainability.

  • By embracing AC Water Systems, you can enhance your filtration capabilities, save on costly A/C maintenance, power & water bills, and contribute to a more sustainable future. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and move toward efficient water management.



Common question?

What if you are out of state and you want to get the installation done, and you want your local Home filtration company to do the installation

Provide us with your contact info  We will contact you to see if your home qualifies for the installation and we will make contact with the Local filtration Company. We will do screening on them (We only Partner with high-quality trusted licensed Filtration companies to do our installs) get them licensed and train them on the installation

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