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Modern AC Water Recycling & Filtration System

FutureAC Water System employs advanced technology to provide daily water for your indoor garden, outdoor landscaping, and filtered drinking water, even for ice making. Did you know your home A/C can generate 5 to 25 gallons daily, with some units producing up to 50 gallons, and commercial AC units generating 100 to 200 gallons per day? We don’t just work smarter; we think smarter.


Our innovative approach to water recycling not only saves you money but also helps conserve this precious resource. By reusing the water produced by your air conditioning unit, we reduce the environmental impact and promote sustainability. FutureAC Water System is committed to delivering high-quality, filtered water for various household purposes while contributing to a greener future. Whether it’s for your indoor garden, outdoor landscaping, or daily drinking water, our advanced technology ensures a reliable supply. Join us in this eco-conscious endeavor, where thinking smarter aligns with a more sustainable and environmentally responsible lifestyle. Discover the possibilities with FutureAC Water System today

More Sustainable AC Water For Homeowners, Businesses & Water Shortage Solution

  • Commercial

    To have our water system in all the indoor growing market.

  • Residential

    To have our water system the standard on all current and future homes.

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Recycled Air-Condition Water System

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Indoor-outdoor growing, landscaping and emergency drinking water.

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Indoor growing, landscaping and emergency drinking water.

Clean And Safe Recycled AC Water For Filtered Drinking, Ice, And Indoor Growing

Florida Wasting 130 million
Gallons a day of A/C Water

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What is the future of AC Water service?

Commercial and residential upgrades are just the beginning more 2024