Well for about 10 years I was a general adviser of illegal

marijuana growing in South Florida Miami. If any person wanted to get any type
of legal marijuana growing regarding of bedrooms, living rooms, garages, warehouses,
or attics, you talk to me.

Well, I’m to give you a quick crash course in the illegal
marijuana business and everything you’re going to need a contact. You’re gonna
need to know someone that knows electricity, air conditioning, construction,
and miscellaneous things and then next thing you know you have several people
under your shoulder that you have to look over with in your illegal marijuana
business. However, when I got into the business, I taught myself how to grow. I
taught, I know I was familiar with electricity, I was familiar with air
conditioning and construction. So, in my growing career, I was pretty much a one-man

Well, what we just did is a simple process out there. This
is called a condenser pump. And what we just did is that the condenser pump is usually
made for customers that, I mean people that has air conditioner homes that
doesn’t have a proper drain, and the condenser pump is made out there for
people like that to pump the water from the air conditioner to a waste. But
what we did we just went ahead and pumped the water from instead of wasting it
we put it to a reservoir and we fed our plants

Yes, absolutely safe because the water that’s coming from
the air conditioners of water from air is so you know just pulling the humidity
out of the air by refrigerant and everything and making fresh water it’s just
like rainwater.

Oh yes. All the plants was completely happy. Once we started
to recycle the water and everything growing became a lot easier, a lot less
sick plants. A lot, you know, healthier crops and just more efficient and way
more efficient growroom.

Yes, about three years into the business. I started to meet
people that was in the business a lot longer than me and we started a meet up
because they heard about, you know, the way I was doing my business. And they
was mostly impressed on my electrical system for safety and my water system and
then they asked me: Do I want to, you know, upgrade their homes and they gave
me a price and I went ahead and did and I started to upgrade their growing
businesses and start managing them. Little, next thing you know, I started to
receive phone calls on designs and building rooms, upgrading rooms and actually
saving rooms.

I was kind of like as you could say some people call John Tavern
a Bar Rescue. I was mostly like a grow room rescue and I was actually making
more money managing other grow rooms than my own and sooner or later that’s how
I got my my, my street name General.

My career ended by getting arrested and you know I had to
start life all over and then you know, I just started life all over but I
wanted to get back into this business and I wanted to do it legally. But I did
not have any legal experience. I had a bunch of illegal experience. So, I went
ahead and started the legal experience by going to AC school, working for an
air conditioning company and getting my legal experience. So, when I do try to
put this thing public or when this thing does go public, I actually tell people
that I do have legal experience on doing this plus 10 years of illegal
experience in this business.

Before I wanted to start this business, I wanted to see if
my idea can be patented, and I have some experience in trademarking in the
past. So, I contacted a patent attorney, and we went ahead and we pitched him
the idea. At the office, we all thought that someone would have had this idea
already patented, but we went ahead and did the search and long and behold their
search came back positive no one had this idea. There was several similarities
to it, but not towards this idea. And then my attorney went ahead and says with
that being said we could go ahead and go forward with the patent. And now we
are in patent pending services and now opening to the public.