Upgrade Your Air Condition Business

Ac companies that specialize only with commercial AC units, all across America, we have a countless number of businesses that do commercial indoor growing, shopping malls buildings and offices that’s has indoor landscaping. These businesses can have their AC converted to our water system to feed the plants with fresh water and Drinking water. Commercial AC units procure a minimum of 200 gallons per day which is substantial enough to feed plants in the indoor growing business and provide fresh Drinking water for any business This is the opportunity for your company to partner up with us and get licensed and trained so your company can service these businesses in your area for your existing and future customers creating new jobs.

Our Company vision

We are a small upcoming company in Miami Fla. We have no intentions of getting investors or even putting our company on the stock market to open Future AC water system companies across America and upgrade homes and businesses. Our Patent is Rated E for everybody. We would rather other AC companies partner up with us and get licensed so they can now legally upgrade homes and businesses in their area for existing and future customers creating new jobs.

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