Use Your AC Waste Water! (For Homes & Cannabis Grows) w/ Future AC Water

Michael Molinar, a key player in the HVAC industry, recently appeared on the HempList Podcast with Chase Nobles, founder, and CEO of, to discuss his latest invention.  Molinar, who works with Future AC Water Systems, shared his journey of developing patent-pending AC systems specifically designed for indoor cannabis cultivation while prioritizing water conservation.

During the podcast, Molinar also revealed his past involvement in illegal cannabis cultivation operations, which led to his arrest. However, after his release, Michael began working with legal cannabis businesses, and he is now utilizing his experience to revolutionize the industry with innovative systems.

Molinar and Nobles delved into the potential of Future AC Water Systems, which could have a significant impact on the growing legal cannabis market, as well as address water scarcity issues in parts of the United States. By utilizing AC wastewater, these systems could potentially help save the planet… making them a promising investment opportunity for environmentally conscious investors.

Investors should keep a close eye on the development of Future AC Water Systems and its potential impact on the cannabis industry and beyond. Molinar’s expertise and innovative solutions could be the key to a sustainable future in the cannabis industry.


Could utilizing AC Waste Water help save the planet!?


(Watch an excerpt of the video below)