Water Shortage Problem Solved

Our water system is the solar power of water and it’s the solution to the water shortage problem in our country.

Three-quarters (75%) of Californians have Air Conditioning; 14 million estimated homes in the state, 75% of 14 million equals 10 million homes and 10 million homes with one ac unit.
Take the 10 million home AC units and double it for business commercial Ac units. Equals to 20 million ac units, home, and commercial.

AC Education A Home AC unit depending on the Ton size, can make 5 to 25 gallons a day, and a commercial Ac unit can produce 50 to 300 gallons a day depending on the Ton size; let’s go by 10 gallons a day with 20 million AC units, Home, and Commercial Equals 200 million gallons a day being wasted.

The Solution: With my AC Water System in Homes and Businesses. We would be able to collect 200 million gallons a day.

Water Waste Management : This System would pick the AC water up once a week for Homes and twice a week for commercial like a regular garage route & we will be able to fill Million-gallon reservoirs by the hundreds daily fixing the water shortage we have in our county.


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Florida Wasting 130 million
Gallons a day of A/C Water

0   Billion

Gallons Wasted per year


Let’s Experience The Benefits Of Renewable Water