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Modern AC Water Recycling & Filtration System

FutureAC  Water System uses modern technology to supply your Indoor or Outside Garden, Landscaping and Filtered Drinking Water. We don’t work smarter we think smarter.


More Sustainable AC Water For Homeowners, Businesses & Water Shortage Solution

  • Commercial

    To have our water system in all the indoor growing market.

  • Residential

    To have our water system the standard on all current and future homes.

Our Business

Recycled Air-Condition Water System

a man dispensing ice and water into a glass


Indoor-outdoor growing, landscaping and emergency drinking water.

Affiliated Referral Program

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Indoor growing, landscaping and emergency drinking water.

Clean And Safe Recycled AC Water For Filtered Drinking, Ice, And Indoor Growing

Florida Wasting 130 million
Gallons a day of A/C Water

0   Billion

Gallons Wasted per year

The poor widow’s orphan program

Coming Soon!

What is the future of AC Water service?

Commercial and residential upgrades are just the beginning more 2024

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